Office Space Rentals in the Tech Sector are Branching Out

For nearly a decade, co-working’s given tech companies remote workers options besides working from home or a noisy coffee shop.The co-working trend the trend isn’t just for tech companies and freelancers. But for attorneys, these spaces lack the security and professionalism required for the job.

Owl Suites offer office space from lawyers for lawyers, Free of the mess and destruction of developers working on the next tech startup.

In tough times law firms are downsizing and are left with open offices and locked into long-term leases. While at the same time solo lawyers need a professional and secure environment to work and meet with clients. Owl Suites is leasing unused space from law firms and giving solo lawyers short term rental options for office space.

“Most of the independent attorneys cannot afford towering cost of commercial real estate offices and also, they want to be in a safe, secure professional office environment.” Said, John Galt

If you recognize the name it’s because John Galt is the embodiment of the idea of capitalism objectivism. With a seal of approval from a man like Galt it’s clear there exists an opportunity.
Owl has Dallas, Portland and Atlanta law office space rentals and is scaling rapidly and aims to add 8-10 locations across major metropolitan regions to its portfolio by the end of 2017

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