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Officially released GCE US games:

Title: Rom: Manual: Boxart: Artwork:
Animaction (lightpen) (1983) [download] [n/a] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [n/a]
Armor Attack (1982) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Art Master (lightpen) (1982) [download] [n/a] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [n/a]
Bedlam (1982) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Berzerk (1982) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Blitz (1982) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Clean Sweep (1982) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Cosmic Chasm (1982) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Crazy Coaster 3D (1983) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [n/a]
Fortress of Narzod (1982) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Heads-Up Action Soccer (1983) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Hyper Chase (1982) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Melody Master(lightpen) (1983) [download] [n/a] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [n/a]
Minestorm (1982) [download] [view] [ n/a ] [ n/a ] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Minestorm 3D (1984) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [n/a]
Minestorm II (1983) [download] [view] [ n/a ] [ n/a ] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Minestorm II, ver.2 (1983) [n/a] [view] [ n/a ] [ n/a ] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Mr.Boston Clean Sweep (1982) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Narrow Escape 3D (1983) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [n/a]
Polar Rescue (1983) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Pole Position (1983) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Rip Off (1982) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Scramble (1982) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Solar Quest (1982) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Space Wars (1982) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Spike (1983) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Spinball (1983) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Star Castle (1983) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Star Hawk (1982) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Star Trek (1982) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]
Web Wars (1983) [download] [view] [front] [back] [cart] [screenshot] [overlay]

Click HERE for European, Canadian and Japanese variations.

Official Prototypes/unreleased games:

Title: Rom: Manual: Review: Artwork:
Dark Tower (1983) [download] [view] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Engine Analyzer (1983) [download] [n/a] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Mail Plane (1983) [download] [n/a] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Pitcher's Duel (1983) [download] [n/a] [view] [screenshot] [overlay]
Polar Rescue Prototype (1983) [download] [n/a] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Pole Position 3D prototype (1983) [n/a] [view] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Sledge 3D demo (1983) [download] [n/a] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Spectrum I+ Stress Tester (1984) [download] [n/a] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Test Cartridge rev.4 (1982) [download] [n/a] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Tour de France (1983) [download] [n/a] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]

Bugfixed/Hacked GCE games:

Title: Rom: Manual: Review: Artwork:
Armor Attack (1982) - Spinner Hack [download] [view] [view] [screenshot] [overlay]
Bedlam (1983) - Spinner Hack [download] [view] [view] [screenshot] [overlay]
Bezerk (1982) - Bugfixed [download] [view] [view] [screenshot] [overlay]
Dark Tower (1983) - Fred Taft Hack [download] [view] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Mine Storm (1982) - Fred Taft Hack [download] [view] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Mine Storm (1982) - Karrsoft Hack [download] [view] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Minestorm (1982) - RLB Lives & Bullets Hack [download] [view] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Minestorm (1982) - RLB Lives Hack [download] [view] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Minestorm (1982) - RLB Bullets Hack [download] [view] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Minestorm II (1983) - Fred Taft Hack [download] [view] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Minestorm II (1983) - Spinner Hack [download] [view] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Narrow Escape 2D [download] [view] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Pole Position (1982) - Spinner Hack [download] [view] [view] [screenshot] [overlay]
Solar Quest (1982) - Spinner Hack [download] [view] [view] [screenshot] [overlay]
Star Castle (1983) - Spinner Hack [download] [view] [view] [screenshot] [overlay]
Star Trek (1982) - Debugged / Controller Hack [download] [view] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]
Verzerk (2002) - Vecvoice enhanched version of Berzerk [download] [view] [n/a] [screenshot] [overlay]

Released Modern/Homebrewn games:

Title: Developer: Rom: Manual: Review: Buy:
Vectoblox (2007) Revival Studios [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
City Bomber (2007) Andy Coleman [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
3D Lord o/t Robots (2006) [100] Fury Unlimited [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [sold out]
Spike's Circus (2006) - Classic Edition Alex Nicholson [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Spike's Circus (2006) - Limited Edition [80] Alex Nicholson [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [sold out]
Colorclash (2006) [150] Revival Studios [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Star Sling (2006) - Slimcart Alex Nicholson [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Star Sling (2006) - Limited Edition [25] Alex Nicholson [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [sold out]
Logo (2006) - Slimcart Alex Nicholson [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Logo (2006) - Limited Edition [80] Alex Nicholson [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [sold out]
Vector 21 (2006) [121] Fury Unlimited [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Vector 21 (2006) - Wildcards [21] Fury Unlimited [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [sold out]
Space Frenzy (2006) John Dondzila [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Debris (2005) - Limited Edition [80] Revival Studios [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [sold out]
Debris (2005) - Exclusive Edition [20] Revival Studios [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [sold out]
Nebula Commander (2005) Craig Aker [download] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Thrust (2004) Ville Krumlinde [download] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Revector (2004) Craig Aker [download] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
I, Cyborg (2004) [250] Fury Unlimited [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
I, Cyborg (2005) - Edition X [10] Fury Unlimited [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [sold out]
I, Cyborg (2004) - Omega edition [1] Fury Unlimited [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [sold out]
Protector & YASI (2003) Alex Herbert [download] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Protector L.E. (2003) [100] Alex Herbert [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [sold out]
War of the Robots (2003) [100] Fury Unlimited [download] [n/a] [n/a] [sold out]
War of the Robots (2003) - CGE2K3 edition [1] Fury Unlimited [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [sold out]
War of the Robots (2003) - Omega edition [1] Fury Unlimited [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [sold out]
VecSports Boxing (2002) Manu [download] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Tsunami/Vix (2002) Christopher Tumber [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [sold out]
Tsunami/Vix (2002) - Deluxe edition Christopher Tumber [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [sold out]
Gravitex (2002) John Dondzila [download] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Vectrex Frogger (2001) Christopher Salomon [download] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Spike's Water Balloons (2001) John Dondzila [download] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
VecCaves/Spike's Spree (2001?) Mark de Smet [n/a] [n/a] [n/a] [sold out]
Vectopia (2001) John Dondzila [download] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Ronen's Game Cart (Vectrace/Vaboom!) (2001) Ronen Habot [download] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Rounders (2000) Ronen Habot [download] [n/a] [n/a] [n/a]
All Good Things (2000) John Dondzila [download] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Moon Lander (1999) Clay Cowgill [download] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Vecmania (1999) John Dondzila [download] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Omega Chase (1998) Christopher Tumber [download] [n/a] [n/a] [sold out]
Omega Chase (1998) - Deluxe edition Christopher Tumber [download] [n/a] [n/a] [sold out]
Spike Hoppin' (1997) John Dondzila [download] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Patriots (1996) John Dondzila [download] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Rockaroids Remix (1996) John Dondzila [download] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]
Vector Vaders (1996) John Dondzila [download] [n/a] [n/a] [buy now]

A lot of these games don't work as well on the emulator as they do on the real console.
Please support homebrew development on the Vectrex and buy these game carts.

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