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Internet Service Competition in Danger

As hard as it is there is actually competition between internet service providers, just not a lot of it. Comcast wants to see what little there is disappear. Read this great internet providers guide and see how even now ISPs are merging into one giant internet thing! Remember how much long distance calls cost when Ma Bell was still one company? Yeah long distance used to cost money, BECAUSE THEY COULD GET AWAY WITH IT!

Call your congressman and waste a little of your time complaining about this, then wait for John Oliver to fix it with comedy.

Satellite Internet Sucks, Elon Musk Can Fix It

Elon has built an electric car that doesn’t suck, space ships that can go into space without bankrupting a nation, and made internet purchases safe…mostly. So when this great man says he can make satellite internet services that don’t suck it is wise to pay attention.

Musk plans to create a global communications system that could provide low-cost service to everyone that doesn’t already have it. That number is in the billions. Musk says the speed will be on par with fiber optic service and although this sounds crazy, everything that this man has done up to this point has sounded crazy so we should probably just go with it and figure it will work out.

And why does Musk think this will work? Because “The speed of light is 40% faster in the vacuum of space than it is for fiber”. Of course it is Elon, we all knew that. Now go make your thing and save the world. While you are at it fix the Wireless Internet as well. It's slow as hell in the U.S.

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